The Stockholm Syndrome

This is one of the 8 custombikes that BMW Motorrad had customizers around the world to build out from there .BMW NineT

Stockholm Syndrome - The Movie


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Customizing project for BMW Motorrad.
BMW R nineT - 2014

ISR Brakes:
ISR made this super cool prototype break system. The combo consist of Acke Rising's (inventor of ISR) legendary radial 6-piston calibers, attached to special made brackets for the Tolle Engineering front fork.

Grabbing his 320 mm full floating disks. Were the center is integrated with the hub!!! Another super cool Acke invention!

Another very cool ISR detail: the left front disk features intergrated abs-sensor slots.

In the rear an ISR 4-piston calibers is hugging a BMW stock disk.

On the handlebar you find another famous ISR-trademark. It's multi adjustable radial clutch and break master cylinder.

Suspension, prototype for R nineT
Steering damper  Öhlins 2.1.

Motoscote pro intstrument
Turnsignals M-blaze disk

Gilles tooling:
Rear sets

Tolle Engineering:
Fork - prototype for the nineT
Triple trees – prototype for the nineT

Håkan Lindberg

Sigge Ehrling

Jenny Jurnelius

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