• UCC (Unique Custom Cycles) Chopper 2010
  • Engine is 93", have H-D Shovelhead cases and STD Panhead heads with original AEE Rockerboxes
  • Frame by UCC in cromemolly
  • Front End is an original HD springer customized by UCC and Mr.Moore
  • Painted by Håkan Lindberg and pinstriping by Blaster
  • Chroming and polishing is done by Stockholms Metallsliperi
  • Most of the parts are handmade at UCC by Gordon Rooth.

Tech info

Gastank: UCC

Oiltank: UCC alu

Oil lines: UCC

Upper motormount: UCC

Pipes: UCC

Handlebars: UCC

Shifter: 58 Olds/UCC

Camcover: Morrismagneto

Ignition: Dyna S

Carburator: S&S L model

Tranny: H-D Andrews Baker

Taillight: Saragasso

Footcontrols: UCC

Primary Drive + Clutch: BDL

Brakes F: ISR/PM Disc

Brakes R: PM Disc

Wheels F:
UCC/Akront 1,85x21"

Wheels R:
UCC/Akront 5,00x18"

Rearfender: WCC/UCC

Tires F: Avon 80/90x21"

Tires R: Metzeler 160/55x18"