Project nineT

Håkan - our house painter, did it again. An absolutely outstanding paint that stands out and really puts the crowning.
Thanks for the fantastic work Håkan!

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An honorable second place in the Custom Class at Custom Bike Show 2014. We are more than satisfied!

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Tolle Engineering provided us with some new cool billet badges with custom logo. Like icing on the cake ;)

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We are more then thankful for another great contribute to the bike.
ISR made this super cool prototype break system. The combo consist of Ackes legendary radial 6-piston calibers, attached to special made brackets for the Tolle Engineering front fork.
Grabbing his 320 mm full floating disks. Were the center is integrated with the hub!!! Another super cool Acke invention!
A very cool ISR detail: the left front disk features intergrated abs-sensor slots.
In the rear an ISR 4-piston calibers is hugging a BMW stock disk.

On the handlebar you find another famous ISR-trademark. It's multi adjustable radial clutch and break master cylinder.

The authority in swedish stoping power!

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Less than two days left for the Custom Bike Show in Norrtälje and now it's really heating up....

We have received reinforcement of the best. Perka from Plebs Choppers, practically born with a lathe under his arm. And Benna from Tolle Engineering, which is great on just about everything.

Perka the man!
Benna - the one!
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Joel Wengström from Stitch Sweden has done a brilliant job with the seat for us. Today it came back from the saddler and we are more than pleased with the fine piece of work.
See more of Joel's work at his website:

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The hour is getting late... The last we have to fabricate is the stainless exhaust system.

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Benna Norén from Tolle Engineering took the opportunity to crank out a new
prototype Fork for the nineT. It features one off polished triple trees matched with black lower legs hooked up to a brand new 6 -pot radial caliper combo.

Since 2011 Tolle Engineering has been rolling under new ownership!
This past year they have been busy restructuring the company.

They are committed and pushing hard to secure the Original Swedish Longfork inventor Tolle Engineering as a force to be reckoned with in the chopper and custom bike scene!
They want to take Tolle Engineering to new levels when it comes to quality, design and function! And maintain their legacy as The Authority when it comes to real chopper longforks and adjustable triple trees. Therefore they will continue to push the current product line-up including parts such as the Classic Adjustable Triple Tree (that made Tolle famous back in 1979) and their patented Pop-Up Gascaps.

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Photo: Benna Norén

The Goose at Tolle Engineering is taking care of the powder coating.

It's time to put this fellow back on the road again, finally assembly time!

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