Project nineT

2014 > 05

Photo: Benna Norén

The Goose at Tolle Engineering is taking care of the powder coating.

It's time to put this fellow back on the road again, finally assembly time!

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Last mock-up before paint and the finishing touches. Time flies, the exhaust system will hopefully be finished the last days.
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Now turn has come for the bars and of course we had to make your own. The model became a traditional Clubman style bar, now with a custom touch a'la UCC.

Getting the feel of it.
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When you build a bike from Sweden, you just have to work with Öhlins!
They've helped us to develop a new prototype for R Ninet and of course it will be in production soon, actually already in a couple of weeks!

When we were at it, the steering damper just had to be changed as well. It became an Öhlins 2.1.

Photos: Jenny Jurnelius
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The rear end needs a support frame. Made out of 1" cromemoly tubing.

Checking the lines.
The week ends with a count down clock on the start page... not stressing at all ;)

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Now its time to start forming the rear end . It's hammered out in a 1/16" aluminum plate around a hammer form.

Now the edges are shrinked with the Eckold.




Taking shape ...

The "English Wheel" are perfect when forming the bottom part.

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The tank is cut down for better proportions.

We have reshaped the tank. To line up with the seat and to make it look smaller.

There will be a lot of welding and cutting before this is done.

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We decided that the front wheel have to be 19" and a complete fork from Tolle Engineering with their new prototype tripple trees for the nineT.

So we have to build a frame jig, after that it's just some cutting ande welding and its done.

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