Project nineT

2014 > 04

We might as well take it appart and start from scratch, as we usually do.

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Test ride

You just have to take it out for a spin before tearing it apart.
It a fun bike to ride and the engine character is absolutely right.
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We looked forward to a relatively "calm spring", as we for the first time in a many years don't have a bike to finnish to the legendary exhibition Custom Bike Show in Norrtälje, Sweden. A show that is the "start" of the summer for many sweds.

But then we were contacted by BMW Motorrad. They have a new bike called R-nineT. A bike when launched made a succes at BMW. Last year Roland Sands did a concept bike of the nineT. That was a great project and now BMW wants to proceed, and have offered some leading custom builders around the world the opportunity to make their own version of this bike. So when we were asked if we wanted to contribute with a UCC-version, it was an obvious YES! 
But it must be ready to ride to Custom Bike Show June 7, 2014.

Now the bike his here and we start brainstorming directly about what should be done. Many ideas, little time. We however quickly came to the conclusion that we have to change the fork, the wheels and the brakes.
So we contacted Benna Norén at Tolle Engineering and Acke Rising on ISR Brakes and they were both thrilled and offerd to make new products a.s.a.p.

No good work without a swedish "fika paus" Anna-Cari, you're the best!
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